Must Try Harder:
Adventures in Anxiety

My new book, published by Trigger!

“Paula McGuire’s world was shrinking. Bullied as a child and plagued by excessive social anxiety, she had become a recluse. Unable to even go into a shop on her own, Paula’s life was effectively over before she hit thirty. But then something changed. She isn’t even quite sure what. But after years of running away from life, Paula decided to grab it by the balls …

She didn’t do anything too difficult to start with – just learning all 17 Commonwealth Games sports! After that, she threw herself into naked life modelling, astronaut training, and coming next, Paula plans to swim all around the United Kingdom. At the time of writing, Paula can’t swim … somehow that isn’t discouraging her one bit!

Must Try Harder tells the remarkable story of a life transformed by facing up to your fears. Paula’s funny, heartfelt, and above all, inspiring story shows us that we each have the power to do amazing things.”

My new book, published by Trigger Press!

A lifetime of anxiety, a world of adventure.