Get set…


I honestly intended to start with something more high-energy but sometimes you have to grab what the world throws at you – or, as in my case, rolls gently towards you. Armed with this justification, I set out on Sunday afternoon to an organised event at an indoor bowling venue on the outskirts of Glasgow. Okay, so it wasn’t quite … Read More

Personal bests


If you’re thinking, “who is she to take on this challenge on behalf of the unfit and inactive?”, you ask a fair question. But doubt no longer, my friends. I am a complete sporting incompetent with no experience of even the lowest level of activity. I’ve managed to reach my thirties without learning to ride a bike, swim a stroke … Read More

The challenge


What? To progress as far as possible from a standing (probably more like kneeling) start in each of the seventeen Commonwealth sports. As a complete novice, I don’t expect to set the sporting world alight but, if there’s an award for turning up, trying hard and embarrassing oneself mightily, I’ll be on that podium crying my tired wee eyes out … Read More

Starting positions


Before the challenge begins – I’m not stalling, honest – it’s only fair that I let you know where I am with each of the seventeen sports I’m hoping to attempt. In case you were wondering if I have a head-start in any of these activities, the answer – as you are about to see – is no. Aquatics: I’m … Read More