Saddles, shame and stabilisers


I decided to take on cycling as my first sport for a variety of more-or-less valid reasons. It’s a skill I probably should have acquired by this stage in my life (from here in known as the Shame Factor). As a solo activity, I’m only letting myself down if I don’t master it. I still have nightmares about the look … Read More

Every night’s a school night


You know that horrible Sunday-night feeling – brought on by the Antiques Roadshow theme tune or the smell of a roast dinner – that ruins the end of a weekend? I’ve got that feeling – on a Friday, of all days. I’m like a child feigning illness to avoid another early Monday morning. But my tummy hurts… And it’s all … Read More



A labyrinth-like warehouse in a creepy industrial estate somewhere in deepest Ayrshire sounds more like the setting for an independent British horror than the location for my first glimpse of the noble sport of weightlifting. I’m not sure quite what I expected of the Scottish Masters Open Weightlifting Championships. A bevy of body-beautiful young men parading around in stretchy leotards … Read More