All’s FARE in love and sport


Rarely, as adults, are we given the opportunity for euphoria. I’m not talking happiness: of course, if we’re careful, we never lose the capacity for joy. I’m thinking of real, deep-seated elation, coupled with an intense breadth of feeling that occupies the very human core, raising the heart rate as well as the follicles on arms, necks and the odd … Read More



My sister is a mermaid. Really, it’s the only explanation. On land, her clumsiness is surpassed only by that of her younger sibling; if I miss a solitary coffee mug, sitting innocently in the middle of the room, she’ll kick it over the carpet in my stead. But drop her in a pool, loch or puddle and (while she might … Read More

A woman’s place


Sophie Smyth This week, a report by MPs discussed the lack of female participation in sport, concluding that females, across cultural and social spectra, leave sport early, if they ever really take it up at all. Surprising? I’m afraid not. Disappointing? Very. Among the various factors cited as reasons, the report suggests that lack of adequate facilities, uninspiring lessons and … Read More