Turning the tide


Life, I reckon, is just a steady stream of events, happening whether or not we’re around to describe them. Our characters, yours and mine, are just our actions and reactions to these events, good, bad or utterly indifferent. And that’s why I truly believe that people are fluid; personalities setting and resetting from day to different day. How many times … Read More

To the finish line


I’m not a runner; it’s just not in me. I lack the physique, the mentality, and, apparently, the capacity for runner’s buzz, that elusive euphoria that I’ve heard makes dragging one’s lazy hind-end around a track of a Saturday morning vaguely worthwhile. My nose has a better chance at this marathon than I do, running, as it does, with an … Read More

Playing by the rules


Children, it seems, have their own Code of Practice. The rules fluctuate from imp to urchin but, I gather, mainly revolve around the following: 1. Always run when walking would suffice. 2. Talking, once mastered, should be used loudly and without refrain, lest the skill be lost. 3. Everything can be turned into a game with a little imagination and … Read More