Take the hire road

To my utter shame and failing, my cycling still isn’t up to scratch. In fact, it’s not even up to a slight rub with a blunt knife. I’m out with my bike quite a bit now – sometimes I even go on it – and when asked, cycling is always my answer to the question of which sport I’ll keep … Read More

A little dedication

dedication (n.)  1. complete and wholehearted devotion; 2. an inscription or announcement. 1. complete and wholehearted devotion  I don’t think there’s a doubt in a mind that the athletes competing in the XX Commonwealth Games show complete and wholehearted devotion to their sport, their fitness and their carb-intake as they train for four years and more for their chance of … Read More

Interview with the batonbearer: Sarah Mather

This week, the Queen’s Baton Relay touched home-games soil with community champions throughout Edinburgh passing the baton carefully across the capital. Watching from the pavement of a sunny – yes, sunny! – city centre street, I cheered on Frightened of Fitness’s Sarah Mather as she donned the beautifully conspicuous batonbearer uniform and carried the 1.6kg baton proudly among the residents of … Read More



Ignorance is bliss. That’s the saying, right? While there are several definitions of the word, I’ve yet to find one that connotes bliss. I’m sure Thomas Gray had other meanings in mind than not knowing whether dinosaur and man co-existed or thinking that sexuality is chosen when he coined the phrase, but still, bliss? Please. It irritates me when I … Read More