All about that bass


I blink. A lot. Blinking is inoffensive, attractive even, when done properly. But when you’re blinking so much that your face concertinas and a nearby flock of pigeons takes off in sympathy, it’s probably not being done exactly as intended. I’ve suffered this nervous twitch since childhood and, over the years, have tried a variety of medically sound and alternatively … Read More

Everyday Adventures: Community Radio


The thought of addressing a population of unknowns, whose reactions are un-gaugeable given their distinct absence from my line of sight… Have you ever tried your own stomach lining? Mmmm, tastes like defeat. My most recent Everyday Adventure for The Herald involved joining a local community radio station, Bolt FM, as a guest for a night. Bolt is a youth-led, … Read More

Never miss a beat


Like you, I know right from wrong. I’m not saying I’m always on the brightest side of that open doorway but I do what I can. The combination of permanent size four goodie two shoes and a conscience of which even the whistliest of crickets would be proud was more than enough to instil in me the genuine desire to … Read More

A Mir 23 minutes


23 minutes. It doesn’t sound like a long time, does it? Well, I guess that’s because it isn’t. Think about it, what meaningful, life-changing thing have you done in the last 23 minutes that will forever impact on the lives of those around you and the course of history? Me? Unless that three month-old yoghurt I just binned from my … Read More