To the finish line


I’m not a runner; it’s just not in me. I lack the physique, the mentality, and, apparently, the capacity for runner’s buzz, that elusive euphoria that I’ve heard makes dragging one’s lazy hind-end around a track of a Saturday morning vaguely worthwhile. My nose has a better chance at this marathon than I do, running, as it does, with an … Read More

Playing by the rules


Children, it seems, have their own Code of Practice. The rules fluctuate from imp to urchin but, I gather, mainly revolve around the following: 1. Always run when walking would suffice. 2. Talking, once mastered, should be used loudly and without refrain, lest the skill be lost. 3. Everything can be turned into a game with a little imagination and … Read More

All’s FARE in love and sport


Rarely, as adults, are we given the opportunity for euphoria. I’m not talking happiness: of course, if we’re careful, we never lose the capacity for joy. I’m thinking of real, deep-seated elation, coupled with an intense breadth of feeling that occupies the very human core, raising the heart rate as well as the follicles on arms, necks and the odd … Read More