The learning cycle


Whether it’s ABC, pie or falling off a log, some things in life are widely considered as easy. And riding a bike, I was always promised, is one of them. But if you’re naturally predisposed to gravity and you’re about as well-balanced as a Glasgow meal plan, getting on your bike can be daunting. As a child, I watched friends … Read More

Street pedallers


Deadlines and I are good friends. So chummy are we, in fact, that I always let them creep really close before tackling the task in hand. Tests, essays, and, you can probably tell, blog posts: the material is never addressed until a due date looms large, and do finally wins out over die. I just seem to function better beneath … Read More

If it weren’t for you pedalling kids…


In 1932, Amelia Earhart ignored social convention and strong northerly winds to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean as a feeble female. In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay battled freezing conditions and the need for oxygen, conquering Everest for the first time in recorded human history. In 2013, 9000 people cycled bravely over 47 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh, … Read More

Driving Miss Lazy


At this juncture, I feel I should admit something: I love to drive. Perhaps that’s not the most endearing thing to confess in a cycling-centric blog post but there it is. Ever since I passed that awful test twelve-ish years ago, I’ve driven pretty much everywhere – picking up family, friends and neighbours along the way, partly for the excuse … Read More