Nothing’s gonna bring me down


Gravity. For as long as I can remember I’ve been its victim. From that day in my childhood when it guided boiling water from a cup down my chest to my more recent sporting escapades foiled by the cruel hand of Newton’s baby. And all the embarrassing tumbles in between. We’ve battled on land; we’ve battled in skies. We’ve even … Read More

A Mir 23 minutes


23 minutes. It doesn’t sound like a long time, does it? Well, I guess that’s because it isn’t. Think about it, what meaningful, life-changing thing have you done in the last 23 minutes that will forever impact on the lives of those around you and the course of history? Me? Unless that three month-old yoghurt I just binned from my … Read More

Beam me up, Scotland!


Space is great. Personal space, green space, Space Invaders: all great guys. And all perfectly conquerable, given the right time and energy: politely ask that portly chap on the bus to move to one of the other hundred empty seats, plan a guerrilla gardening spree, go back to the Eighties and work on those Atari skills. Easy. But Space, Space … Read More