Lawn bowls: Paula


I’m a friendly wee mite: over-friendly probably. As keen as a mustard-covered puppy and limpet-like in consistency. I don’t mean sociable; no, I cower in groups of more than one and a half, and am consistently the death and burial of parties. But I love people, truly love them, as though I was a dual-hearted fop with an alien-thwarting screwdriver. … Read More

Lawn bowls: Gav


Gav Spence is an artist, podcaster and all-round good guy.  He blesses our ears with joypad-based chatter as part of the world’s greatest gaming podcast, Geshcast.  He has a hefty penchant for Pepsi Max and the odd ginger slice, and does not like compliments – so don’t even bother. Sport is a dangerous business. I’ve lent a sympathetic ear to … Read More

Get set…


I honestly intended to start with something more high-energy but sometimes you have to grab what the world throws at you – or, as in my case, rolls gently towards you. Armed with this justification, I set out on Sunday afternoon to an organised event at an indoor bowling venue on the outskirts of Glasgow. Okay, so it wasn’t quite … Read More