Spring time


Dive in. Take the plunge. Jump in at the deep end. The metaphors are endless; well, at least end-few. And they pretty much all relate to facing something scary. So quite why this recovering aquaphobe didn’t expect her first attempt at springboard diving to be utterly terrifying is frankly unfathomable – or un-1.83-able, if you’re metric. Okay, I did have … Read More

Making a splash!


There’s something to be said for just being yourself. And a smarter girl than me would say it. Instead, I’ll say something about being a mermaid. Yes, that’s right, a mermaid. I’m all about being my own person – it’s the only way any of us can be truly happy in the world – but when the opportunity arises to … Read More

All at sea


There’s nothing worse than letting people down. Except drowning them. And, for the last few weeks – since starting The Big, Mad Swim Around Britain on April 24th – those have pretty much been my options. Option One: Continue with the plan (bear in mind, the plan was a year in the making, involved five people and all available savings). … Read More

Home and dry


Water and electricity don’t mix, or at least that’s what I was always told. It’s why bathrooms don’t have hairdryers and you can’t microwave in a canoe. Since I was a kid, I had it drummed into me to dry my hands thoroughly before flicking the bathroom light switch and you would never catch me dead drinking juice with an … Read More