Take the hire road

To my utter shame and failing, my cycling still isn’t up to scratch. In fact, it’s not even up to a slight rub with a blunt knife. I’m out with my bike quite a bit now – sometimes I even go on it – and when asked, cycling is always my answer to the question of which sport I’ll keep … Read More

A little dedication

dedication (n.)  1. complete and wholehearted devotion; 2. an inscription or announcement. 1. complete and wholehearted devotion  I don’t think there’s a doubt in a mind that the athletes competing in the XX Commonwealth Games show complete and wholehearted devotion to their sport, their fitness and their carb-intake as they train for four years and more for their chance of … Read More

Interview with the batonbearer: Sarah Mather

This week, the Queen’s Baton Relay touched home-games soil with community champions throughout Edinburgh passing the baton carefully across the capital. Watching from the pavement of a sunny – yes, sunny! – city centre street, I cheered on Frightened of Fitness’s Sarah Mather as she donned the beautifully conspicuous batonbearer uniform and carried the 1.6kg baton proudly among the residents of … Read More

Go Team!

I’m not a joiner, in any sense of the word. I don’t know one end of a dovetail joint from the other and I’ve never been part of a crowd bigger than my own teddy bear’s picnic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a loner. I love people as much as the next guy: as long as the next guy … Read More