How do you solve a problem like support crew?

Maria and me

I’m an optimistic little mite, so full of hope there’s almost no room left for cake. Wait, I said almost; I’m sure I can squeeze in another doughnut. But even this cheerful fool couldn’t bring herself to expect a positive response, when she put out a call for a brave kayaker to leave behind their life for 6 months and … Read More

Street pedallers


Deadlines and I are good friends. So chummy are we, in fact, that I always let them creep really close before tackling the task in hand. Tests, essays, and, you can probably tell, blog posts: the material is never addressed until a due date looms large, and do finally wins out over die. I just seem to function better beneath … Read More



Ignorance is bliss. That’s the saying, right? While there are several definitions of the word, I’ve yet to find one that connotes bliss. I’m sure Thomas Gray had other meanings in mind than not knowing whether dinosaur and man co-existed or thinking that sexuality is chosen when he coined the phrase, but still, bliss? Please. It irritates me when I … Read More

Turning the tide


Life, I reckon, is just a steady stream of events, happening whether or not we’re around to describe them. Our characters, yours and mine, are just our actions and reactions to these events, good, bad or utterly indifferent. And that’s why I truly believe that people are fluid; personalities setting and resetting from day to different day. How many times … Read More