The Year of Fear

Do it scared!

Failure can be a very hard pill to swallow; particularly when that pill is coated in sea water and wrapped in thirty years of social anxiety. When I failed to finish – or even properly start – The Big, Mad Swim Around Britain there were consequences, of course. There was still a six-month plan to completely dismantle, a team to … Read More

Anxiety: it’s the new adventure


Recently, as I stood in my stocking soles in front of a sell-out crowd in Glasgow’s Tramway Theatre, readying myself for the scariest five minutes of my adult life, I finally shrugged off the bonds of anxiety and exposed myself to the world. It was Friday, it was TEDx Glasgow, and I was on the menu. 600 people, countless cameras, … Read More

This little piggy…


Old MacDonald, apparently, had a farm. And on that farm was the entirety of my childhood knowledge of agriculture. E-I-E-I-O. Those cows and sheep with their moo-moos and baa-baas, here, there and every bloody where, were pretty much all I ever really knew about the work of farmers, or where the food I so keenly chowed down on actually originated. … Read More

Once upon a time


Time, Mr. Jagger, is not always on my side. She is, in fact, a fickle friend who, like rainfall or banking institutions, gives when you don’t need and takes back when you don’t have. She reaches out to you during those long, glorious days of childhood, when the chasm between now and whenever is measureable only in sleeps, cursing your … Read More