Making a splash!


There’s something to be said for just being yourself. And a smarter girl than me would say it. Instead, I’ll say something about being a mermaid. Yes, that’s right, a mermaid. I’m all about being my own person – it’s the only way any of us can be truly happy in the world – but when the opportunity arises to … Read More

All at sea


There’s nothing worse than letting people down. Except drowning them. And, for the last few weeks – since starting The Big, Mad Swim Around Britain on April 24th – those have pretty much been my options. Option One: Continue with the plan (bear in mind, the plan was a year in the making, involved five people and all available savings). … Read More

Home and dry


Water and electricity don’t mix, or at least that’s what I was always told. It’s why bathrooms don’t have hairdryers and you can’t microwave in a canoe. Since I was a kid, I had it drummed into me to dry my hands thoroughly before flicking the bathroom light switch and you would never catch me dead drinking juice with an … Read More

How do you solve a problem like support crew?

Maria and me

I’m an optimistic little mite, so full of hope there’s almost no room left for cake. Wait, I said almost; I’m sure I can squeeze in another doughnut. But even this cheerful fool couldn’t bring herself to expect a positive response, when she put out a call for a brave kayaker to leave behind their life for 6 months and … Read More