Everyday Adventures: Cage-fighting


What kind of person are you? It’s not quite the easiest of questions, I’ll admit. I mean, can you really boil your entire character, like a pot of your granny’s condensed soup, down to a simmering pan of underwhelming adjectives? Of course not. You’re no half-shrivelled parsnip – honey-roasted or nay – and I’m pretty sure your intimates aren’t in … Read More

Spring time


Dive in. Take the plunge. Jump in at the deep end. The metaphors are endless; well, at least end-few. And they pretty much all relate to facing something scary. So quite why this recovering aquaphobe didn’t expect her first attempt at springboard diving to be utterly terrifying is frankly unfathomable – or un-1.83-able, if you’re metric. Okay, I did have … Read More