Sledding day jitters


I’ve never been part of a pack. I’m not a natural leader, and bringing up the rear doesn’t have great appeal, meaning that me and myself have often been the only company I keep in life. For that reason – among others that included dogs, cute dogs, and lots of cute dogs – I couldn’t resist the opportunity to head … Read More

Everyday Adventures: Cage-fighting


What kind of person are you? It’s not quite the easiest of questions, I’ll admit. I mean, can you really boil your entire character, like a pot of your granny’s condensed soup, down to a simmering pan of underwhelming adjectives? Of course not. You’re no half-shrivelled parsnip – honey-roasted or nay – and I’m pretty sure your intimates aren’t in … Read More



There are three types of people in this world: •   those who repeat themselves. •   those who don’t repeat themselves. •   those who repeat themselves. I’ve yet to figure out which I am. Anyway, have I ever mentioned that I fall a lot? I have? Then gear up for something familiar. I fall a lot. You would think that by … Read More