The challenge



To progress as far as possible from a standing (probably more like kneeling) start in each of the seventeen Commonwealth sports. As a complete novice, I don’t expect to set the sporting world alight but, if there’s an award for turning up, trying hard and embarrassing oneself mightily, I’ll be on that podium crying my tired wee eyes out in no time.

Sport is for all; beginners welcome; you can do it!
I’ve chuckled cynically at such quotes from sports clubs and health departments all my life. There’s no way someone as uncoordinated, bookish and bungling as me could pick up a sport after avoiding physical exercise into adulthood.

I’ve decided to prove myself right – or become an athletic goddess.
Win – win.

Before the Games reach Glasgow in 2014, so less than two years to sample seventeen sports. I haven’t thought this through.

Anywhere that’ll take me. Probably just in my house then.

Through hard work, effort and blogging! I hope you’ll help to keep me motivated by reading about my attempts and sharing the site with everyone you know who has any interest (or none) in sport and its newest runner, swimmer, jumper, thrower, bowler, trier.

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