We Try Harder!


So, enough about me – what about you? Have you been inspired by my ineptitude to run a marathon, join a football team or even just climb the stairs once in a while? Send in your action shots and join the We’re Trying Harder gallery to show others like us how easy it is to enjoy sport, even when you’re just pretending you know what you’re doing. After all, you can’t be as useless as me (or look as idiotic in sports gear), can you?

To kick us off – I don’t know the correct terminology for the start of a badminton match – here’s a photo of my long-suffering sister finally getting that game to which she invited me when we were kids. Twenty years later, she still kicked my ass on the makeshift court (we went to the park and used our handbags as the net). Well done, Donna!

Catch me on Twitter, Facebook or at paula@paulamusttryharder.co.uk.  Go on, send me your sporting snaps and let’s show the world that We Try Harder.

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