Young minds run free


Who am I? Fear not, you haven’t found your way into the middle of an existential crisis. Nor have you stumbled across a burgeoning concussion. No, I can see how many fingers you’re holding up and, frankly, it would be impolite to comment. My faculties, I assure you, remain, it’s just that, some days, I’m not quite sure if this … Read More

Burn, baby, burn


Heroes: you can’t crash a spaceship these days without being rescued by one. Whether super, local or sporting, heroes are everywhere; the definition of the word stretched so far it’s torn a ligament. I can’t say I’m particularly comfortable with holding people aloft, not least because I’m an eight stone weakling. I’ve just always struggled with setting someone apart based … Read More

Flight of the navigator


The truth, so they say, is out there. But I don’t buy it. I just don’t have the coin for that sort of frippery. It’s not that I think we’re all alone in the vast abyss of bleak eventuality. I ain’t no holodeck denier. On the contrary: I’m the first to check for ectoplasm at the sight of a flattened … Read More

Whole Lotta Achin’ Goin’ On


The hip bone, so I’m told, is connected to the thigh bone, which, in turn, is connected to the knee bone. Interesting, right? But you know what they don’t tell you in the song? That more than just an assembly of calcium and collagen, arranged in a predetermined order, these individual bones comprise something pretty spectacular. You’re amazing, didn’t you … Read More