The sky ain’t the limit


I’m no high-flier. I don’t know my cirrus from my stratus and I’ve never clambered further than that sticky bottom rung of the career ladder. But recently I left my limitations on the ground with glee – and more than a little style. Flying with The Blades aerobatic display team is an experience that will stay with this wannabe Earhart for … Read More

Anxiety: it’s the new adventure


Recently, as I stood in my stocking soles in front of a sell-out crowd in Glasgow’s Tramway Theatre, readying myself for the scariest five minutes of my adult life, I finally shrugged off the bonds of anxiety and exposed myself to the world. It was Friday, it was TEDx Glasgow, and I was on the menu. 600 people, countless cameras, … Read More

Test tubes, baby!


Picture Glasgow. What do you see? Beautiful grey skies leaking drizzle onto tenement roofs? Streets ringing with the echoes of gang violence and football bigotry? Shops advertising Irn Bru as one of your five a day (well, it is orange)? Or, more realistically, a city that oozes culture and creativity, and has worked tirelessly to shake off its hard-man image … Read More