And now for something completely different…


This has been a weekend of firsts for me. Normally, any spare time I can scrounge together is spent reading, writing or figuring out new ways to do household tasks with a cup of tea in hand (window washing is particularly tricky). Not the most active of pursuits then. But somehow that all changed this week and, instead of supping … Read More

It’s badmint-on!


Badminton: the first thing I realised on taking to the court for my first lesson was that people actually play this sport. And not just people – some people. Shuttlecocks didn’t roll like tumbleweeds across dust-covered gym halls, the corridors didn’t echo with wails from the tormented ghosts of ruined racquet traders. A bit of an amateur over-dramatisation perhaps, but … Read More

Fall-ing behind


Over the last few weeks, I’ve really been suffering from season-induced lethargy. Okay, maybe that does sound like a fancy phrase for plain old laziness but I swear the negative correlation between the number of leaves falling from the trees and my energy levels is almost perfect. I’ve managed one weekend bike ride and I did lift some heavy weights … Read More