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Water and electricity don’t mix, or at least that’s what I was always told. It’s why bathrooms don’t have hairdryers and you can’t microwave in a canoe. Since I was a kid, I had it drummed into me to dry my hands thoroughly before flicking the bathroom light switch and you would never catch me dead drinking juice with an electric blanket on, cranked up to “Defrost”.

This is still absolutely great advice – and I’d go so far as to recommend that you don’t electrocute yourself in the name of a midnight Fanta – but what about the absolute necessities? You know: life and death stuff, like Twitter?

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed as I transition from full time landlubber to split-shift mermaid this past year it’s that when it comes to phones – like other material goods – my granny’s advice has never been more apt as when I’m undressing for swimming for the second time in a day: “you can’t take it with you”.

Well, it turns out that, when you’re planning to spend 6 months in the sea with a small crew of hardy followers, you do actually need to take it with you. Phones, cameras, GPS devices are all necessities when you’re swimming in the great outdoors for any length of time.

Whether it’s phoning for help (or just to hear what the land sounds like on speakerphone), taking a selfie with a seal, or using GPS to make sure you know where you are (note to self – keep the land on the right and the sea on the left) electronics have never been needed more out there in the wet, wet water.

So, how do I keep my stuff with me without breaking it – or me?

Well, thankfully, an amazing company called SwimCell have thrown this salty sea dog a bone – kept dry and floaty in a watertight package as secure as it is colourful.


All I have to do is secure my device inside one of their lightweight pouches, throw it over my shoulder and I’m ready to splash with impunity knowing that it’ll still be alive when I’m done, several hours later. Now that I think about it, maybe I should seal myself inside one too; I’d definitely smell nicer in the evening, that’s for sure.




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  1. Tip I put keys small valuables into a empty plastic jar used chocolate jar etc . Pack into a fluresant float bag guaranteed to keep dry . Works when swimming in the lakes wish you the best with your awsome swim.x

  2. good luck paula from all in north ayrshire Dofe not sure if your going to swim past us but happy to help if you do.

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