Made a little braver


One thing that has really surprised me throughout this challenge (apart from how easily I bruise and how painful a shuttlecock in the eye can be) is the offers of support I’ve received. And not just from the lovely athletes and clubs that are so proud of their sport that they want to involve even the poorest of participants; they’ve come from all manners of organisations, media types and enthusiasts – and I appreciate every bewildering one.

Cynically, you might ask: what are they getting out of it? But my answer would always be: less than nothing. Seriously, it’s not as though association with me will boost their image. If they wanted to exploit someone with my athletic prowess, they could just stick a badge on an under-motivated sloth. So I’m never anything less than delighted when someone comes forward to hold my hand through a stage of my journey and, when that stage is wrestling, I grab on tight and don’t let go.

To me, wrestling has always looked more than a little scary and less than a little accessible. Luckily the fabulous people at Made Brave offered to help me on my way to unitard-clad glory by organising for 21 year-old title-winning wrestler, Kieran Malone to provide me with some expert tuition. Unlike me, Kieran is expected to do great things at Glasgow 2014 and I hope everyone will support this incredible young athlete as much as they’ve supported this incredible fool.

I spent a fantastic – if slightly bizarre – morning in the Made Brave office yesterday preparing for my upcoming wrestling stint, among a bunch of people who really look contented in their work. And not only was I treated to a swanky new notebook (stationery is definitely my weapon of choice) but I was also taught a few choice wrestling moves by the company’s director, Andrew Dobbie, to give me a head start.

So come on, wrestling, I’m ready for you as, while I might not be strong or fit or agile, I do have the support of some fantastic folk and that makes me just that little bit braver.


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