All fright long


Are you on your own? It’s a big question. Am I on my own? I’m not really sure I can answer that one without some proper soul-scouring. I guess we’re all on our own, finding our way through life, making connections with others but never managing to become anything other than just ourselves, holding onto other selves. As I contemplated … Read More

There’s no business like snow business

Three hours: it’s not a particularly long time really. Just a bit more than two and a bit less than four, when you think about it. When you don’t think about it, it’s still the same, but at least you’ve saved yourself the effort of working it out. It all depends on context, of course. I mean, three hours in … Read More

House of pain


Pain comes in many shapes and sizes. Or is that carrots? I always confuse the two. When I set up my Year of Fear challenge, I fully intended to just cover myself in cabbage and take my chances with a hungry porcupine, but instead life threw me a way to tackle my childhood fear of pain that couldn’t be soothed … Read More